Professional Programmes

Drishti Nanda International Institute for Culinary Sciences offers hobby/amateur programmes to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. The National Certification Programmes are for 1 month and 3 months ,and The International Certification Programmes are for 6 months(Level 2-Diploma) and 9 months(Level 3-Advance Diploma).

The programmes are designed to give the students the Best knowledge, skills and fundamentals to work in any Industrial Kitchen confidentiality.

Cake Decoration Class Schedule : 5 days a week

Decorating a cake brings out the best creativity out of any baker and cake decorator. Different techniques and designs make cake decorating very interesting.With requirement of a basic knowledge in baking, This course is specially designed for the learners who are willing to become home bakers and are keen to work in cake decorating Industry.Our In-house bakery helps our learners to understand Unique and different techniques that are in trend these days.

Week 1 Basic Sponges and frostings
Week 2 Different fillings and  Cake Icing techniques
Week 3 Working with fondant and its different applications
Week 4 Designing Celebration cakes and understanding its Costing, pricing and Basic Business Guidelines

Baking Class Schedule : 5 days a week

This One Month,  programme is specially designed for the ones who are interested in baking and are developing their passion towards it. Extensive hands-on training and practical knowledge makes this programme best suited to kids and adults from minimum 10 years of age. The learners are infused with basic knowledge and skill and are taught various techniques and recipes from different regions of the globe.

Week 1 2 days of theory and 3 days of hands-on baking including Tea Time Cakes and Cupcakes
Week 2 Pastries and Entremets
Week 3 Cold/Baked Desserts and Chocolates
Week 4 Breads  and Cookies
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