Professional Programmes

Drishti Nanda International Institute for Culinary Sciences offers hobby/amateur programmes to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. The National Certification Programmes are for 1 month and 3 months ,and The International Certification Programmes are for 6 months(Level 2-Diploma) and 9 months(Level 3-Advance Diploma).

The programmes are designed to give the students the Best knowledge, skills and fundamentals to work in any Industrial Kitchen confidentiality.

This Course is a complete package  in terms of basic baking and fundamental training. Combination of theory and practical hands-on classes makes it easy for the learners to understand the fundamentals of Baking and Confectionary. The students are given a chance to work in our Industrial bakery Kitchen With our best trainer Chefs from the industry.

CLASS SCHEDULE : 5 days a week
(1 Theory , 4 Practicals)

Week 1 Food Safety and hygiene

Weights,  measures, scales,  conversions and basic baking
Week 2 Basic Baking techniques including recipes for tea time cakes, cup cakes  and different frostings
Week 3 Different pastry doughs including Choux Pastry, Puff pastry  and Shortcrust Pastry
Week 4 Breads: Sweet, savory and artisan
Week 5 Cold and Baked Desserts including pies, tarts, mousse, soufflé, brownies, Cheese Cakes
Week 6 Cake Gateaux, working with different flavours and fillings  
Week 7 Plated desserts to understand different plate decorating techniques
Week 8 Learning basic and differently shaped cookies:Sweet and Savory
Week 9 Learning The art of making Chocolates and chocolate garnishings to decorate cakes in elegant  designs.
Week 10 Designing and forming Celebration Cakes. Working on different designs in our Industrial Bakery Kitchen to increase the efficiency in understanding and implementing different techniques
Week 11 Working with Fondant. Basic techniques and designs including flowers, bows, ruffles, ribbons, figurines, cartoon characters, etc.

Understanding the creation of  2d and 3d designs on Cakes.
Week 12 Assessment on theory Exam and Practical exam

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