Professional Programmes

Drishti Nanda International Institute for Culinary Sciences offers hobby/amateur programmes to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. The National Certification Programmes are for 1 month and 3 months ,and The International Certification Programmes are for 6 months(Level 2-Diploma) and 9 months(Level 3-Advance Diploma).

The programmes are designed to give the students the Best knowledge, skills and fundamentals to work in any Industrial Kitchen confidentiality.

Our 6 months Diploma Program in Culinary Arts is a complete course in hotel and restaurant kitchen training. It will prepare you for a job in the restaurant industry. The course includes both theoretical, as well as, practical knowledge of food production, kitchen management, menu planning, kitchen planning etc. that are indispensable for any chef.

On completion of this course, you would be able to work in the kitchen of hotels and restaurants as Head Cook/Chef/Baker. You would also be able to lead a group of Chefs/Cooks effectively and efficiently handle jobs like menu planning, recipes development, cost control and inventory management. The best part of the course is that it also we offer 100% work placement* to the students at the end of the program.

Course Structure of the 6 months Diploma Program in Culinary Arts

Quarter 1

  1. Introduction to culinary arts.
  2. Safety at work
  3. Food safety
  4. Kitchen maintenance and design
  5. Menu planning and nutrition
  6. Preparation, cooking and service of stocks, sauces and soups
  7. Preparation, cooking and service of Vegetables and pulses
  8. Project Submission

Quarter 2

  1. Preparation cooking and service of farinaceous pasta and rice dishes
  2. Preparation, cooking and service of meat and poultry dishes
  3. Preparation, cooking and service of fish and shellfish dishes
  4. Preparation, cooking and service of pastry dishes
  5. Preparation, cooking and service of eggs and savories
  6. Preparation, cooking and service of cold food dishes

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate should have secured 45% in HSC or Class 10 equivalent from any recognised state board or university for admission. The course is of 1 (one) year duration with additional 6 (six) months training.

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